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Keep It Still In The Dark

Posted on March 11th, 2005

That’s something Paul and I randomly said to each other. But after today, I am going to have a substantially smaller chance to say it. Sadly, Paul has made the decision to leave his position as the Dean of Residence/Manager of Facilities at St. Paul’s. I understand most of his choice, and I can only imagine how difficult it was. There is no doubt in my mind that he really loved this place, and he will certainly be missed. I can only wish him and his family the best. God bless you guys.

2 Responses to “Keep It Still In The Dark”

  1. Rodney Says:

    Wow, you certainly have been updating a lot lately.

    As sad as I am to see Paul leave St. Paul’s, I am happy that he can move on and leave behind what’s been going on. This place was his home and he’s going to miss this place immensely.

  2. Justin Says:

    Yeah I noticed that I’ve been making entries a lot more often than before… it was pointed out that more people read this regularly, so maybe I have a bit more motivation to make posts.

    Today is indeed a sad day for St. Paul’s. It was hard to watch him almost break up in tears this morning, and that’s just a testament to how much he really does love this place. You’re right: this place was his home (literally), and his heart was really into it. It’s really disappointing to see how the “administration” could so adversely influence someone but, like Prof. Frick said, Paul is free from it now.

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