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Back in Action

Posted on March 14th, 2005

I had the distinct pleasure of going MIA for a couple of days in order to go to the Embassy retreat. A group of forty or so leaders and staff went out to Hidden Acres to hang out, challenge each other, grow, and learn.

After seemingly two seconds of sleep, I was up bright and early in the morning to head to the meeting spot. I was probably particularly irritable that morning because a sleepy Justin is an unhappy Justin. It didn’t take long for me to wake up, though… we started off a weekend-long competition and I had to be alert and observant.

The weekend was filled with a wide variety of activities: writing a song about a taco topping (lettuce, in my case), fooseball, karaoke *shudder*, vision casting, labyrinth-walking, guitar playing, and bonding. Notice, however, that I said nothing of sleep? I’m getting pretty good at depriving myself of rest!

Before I get into too much detail, though, I think that I should prematurely end this post. I suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion, and I need to rest my body. I’ll finish this up soon.

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