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Do You Want To HIC?

Posted on May 22nd, 2005

It’s the long weekend, and I’m stuck doing homework. How deflating is that!

Yesterday, I travelled to Toronto to see Shaker again. This time, they were performing at the Horseshoe Tavern, which is a happening place for artists on the verge of fame and fortune and glamour.

We (Andrea, Hannah, Randy) were a bit early, so we caught a bit of the band before them. I already forgot what they were called.. nothing special. Shaker came on for an hour-plus set, and I was standing right beside a speaker. So the music was so loud that I could feel every beat of the bass drum, and every time John (the bassist) played a note. Needless to say, my right ear was not in the best shape after they were done!

The set itself was really good; they played songs off of their original EP, and new ones that they will likely record this summer. They’re on the verge of a record deal with a label started by the guys from Live (which partially explains where those guys went after their last album…). The crowd was really into it (especially two drunk dancers! Ha! What a riot they were), and that’s when you know that they put on a good show.

It turns out that there were some big shots at the concert. Some of the guys from Boy (alright.. not so big) were there hanging out, and a rep from Universal (huge!!) was there. Apparently, the guy goes around taking pictures of people. So he’d go from place to place with a big expensive camera and click. Like going to New York to photograph U2 when they were shooting the video for All Because Of You on a flatbed truck moving through the city in the middle of the day! What a job!!!

While we were driving back, we stopped by a McDonald’s along the 401. I recently took up an initiative to treat my body better (by avoiding garbage foods), so I inclined to not get anything (although I was stupendously hungry). Rob Butcher, Shaker’s drummer (and also the drummer with the Embassy band) started doing it and I thought it was a good idea. It was at the McDonald’s that I realized how nuts Randy is! Randy is 24, an amazing guitarist (he was in the Embassy band before he had to work on Mondays), and a huge Pumpkins fan (+points for him!), but he’s also apparently an ADHD 12-year old kid inside!! Ahhh fun times.

I didn’t get home until around 3am, at which time I immediately went for my bed. Today was quite a mellow day, bumming around and watching TV. I watched some quality hockey for the first time in ages (London vs. Rimouski, if you must know), and then Laura and Erica came over!

Now I visit Laura on a weekly basis (as I have lunch at her apartment on Thursdays). Erica, however, has not been seen around these parts in a bajillion years; she went to Cambridge with the rest of the architects and, hence, disappeared 🙁 So it was really cool to hang out with them for a while. Much of the conversations had to do with weddings, so I felt a bit out of place. Ah well. Good times! I’ll see them at church in like 9 hours.

9 hours?! Shoot that doesn’t leave me much time to sleep. I should go.

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  1. Rodney Says:

    Thanks for spotting the errors in my recent journal entry. And I have church in the morning, too. I should get to bed.

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