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Posted on August 26th, 2005

Ya know, there are some people out there who consistently bail other people out. It’s just the thing they do — they’re LifeSavers. Some do it as a profession (lifeguards, firefighters, etc.), while others do it almost unconsciously (friends, mostly).

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been very fortunate to have a LifeSaver for me: Sarah! She’s been going on overdrive to help me out with getting website content, with refining its layout, and with my musical instrument deficiencies (I’m currently borrowing her keyboard to practice, and her guitar for Jasmine’s wedding). And she’s going CA-RAZY because of all of this extra stuff (and more) 🙁

So I just wanted to dish out some mad props to Sar for continuously pulling through! If I had a dime for every time she’s helped me out, I’d be in debt quite a bit 😮 There are, undoubtably, other people who have graciously helped me out on a regular basis, too. While I do not mean to downplay or marginalize their assistance, this particular instance is fresh in my mind and is quite pronounced (since I was in quite a bind). So thanks to all of the others too!

Some miscellaneous props:
– Amanda for doing our dishes!
– Dom for website contribution
– Dom for making me a stressball!
– Cynthia for co-ordinating rides to Jasmine’s wedding
– Chris for providing a ride to Jasmine’s wedding
– John for maybe loaning me a DreamCast!
– Laura K., Jessica, Keith, Dan, Erin, et al. for keeping me sane by not letting me slide away in seclusion in my room

Now… back to practicing…

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