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Posted on September 4th, 2005

Or hyperactivity, whichever you prefer.

So Kristy noted that I haven’t posted for “a week”, but it has only been four days. Bre pointed out that I haven’t posted for a while, too. Nevertheless, I’m a fan of “ask and you shall receive*”; * exceptions apply.

I’ve been a very busy bee over the past little while… with the Embassy site coming together and a deadline quickly approaching, I’ve been feeling a bit of pressure to kick it into overdrive. I was, however, careful to not burn out, so I took a couple of days to head to Toronto where a couple of important items needed to be retrieved: my distance education package, something for the Embassy office (you’re welcome, Sar), and something for my Palm Pilot (that has been out of action ever since I tried to update it). Besides, it had been freaking forever since I had been home, so I thought that it’d be good to stop by for a couple of days.

I came back Saturday night so I could learn songs for Sunday morning; the deadly combination of summer term and long weekend left Elevation’s worship team a tad under-staffed… I seem to have developed a habit of giving musical support at the last minute :/

When I came back home, the reality of everyone (all two of them) moving out sunk in; the place was very empty. Then came the shock of realizing all of the stuff that I needed to buy! Stink! I didn’t have much to do around here, but I somehow couldn’t fall asleep, either. So I started assembling a desk. Yeah, I know… I’ve lost it.

The alarm wrathfully woke me up at 7:30am, which I have not seen since finals… if all goes to plan, I will not see that dreadful time for months 🙂 If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s sleep. So I worked my schedule to avoid 8:30am classes and to have days with no class. I win!!

Playing Brandon’s guitar at Elevation really made me think that I really really really need to get my own guitar… I’m getting a little frustrated with having to arrange to have a guitar to play all of the time. At least it was a bit of a treat to play that sweet instrument again.

I poked my head into St. Paul’s for a bit to see which frosh leaders had moved in before heading home (albeit indirectly; I went with a couple of leaders to Zellers.. they had to get some frosh week stuff, I had to get some aforementioned missing house stuff). Upon arriving, I started to clean. Like a mother.

Bathroom floors. Shower stall. Mirrors. Sinks. Toilets. Kitchen. Carpets. Room. Stairwell. Living room. Everything. Somewhere between there, I finished the desk, too. Now, exhausted beyond belief, I am content to just sit here and listen to music.

Ahh, The Perishers. Wax on.

5 Responses to “Hyperproductivity”

  1. ytsirk Says:

    it seems so easy to slip into details of daily life stuff… but you skipped most details of the visit of the parent..
    anything you would like to add??
    asking in hopes of receiving…

  2. Justin Says:

    I know! I really want to post something less.. drab.. in the next little bit.

    It almost sounds like there’s something, in particular, that you’re looking to hear from me. A little help, please?

  3. ytsirk Says:

    i don’t know much about that relationship… i’d like to know more…

  4. Bre Says:

    Me too…

  5. Rodney Says:

    I’ll add a third voice to what they’ve said. :P:P:P:P:P:DDD::D::DP

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