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New Beginnings

Posted on September 9th, 2005

The Embassy website: I’ve been toiling over the past couple of weeks to get this monstrosity off the ground and things are going moderately well now; most of the site has been built and content is streaming in. If all goes to plan, we’re looking at a Monday launch! So many thanks to anyone who has been helping me get this together!

The thing that gets me, though, is that my commitment does not stop on Monday; I have a lot of the administration interfaces to build (all of them, in fact), and other non-critical features to implement. I just hope that I can find the time between school and other priorities of mine to get this done in a reasonable time frame!

The house: After a few days of depressing loneliness, my roommates have finally moved in! As I mentioned before, Kat moved in on Wednesday. Today, Keith showed up and, just like that, the apartment was full again!

I don’t know Keith very well (we’ve only met briefly before), but I’m trusting Kat’s judgement; I’m expecting that things will go very smoothly here. If all goes well, we’ll have plenty of friends over regularly and good times throughout!

Speaking of which, we had a pretty big crowd here on Wednesday night.. while it was only for a brief time, a bunch of folks we know from St. Paul’s came by to check the place out and catch up a little. Plus, Laura indicated that she’ll be coming tomorrow night! Yay for friends!

The surprise: Today was the first time that I ever hung out with Bre. I met her once before at Jasmine’s reception and, as I had wrote before, knew of her through her blog and stories that Jasmine told me. It wasn’t until this week that we (sort of randomly) started to talk to each other.

It turns out that she has a lot of things in common with me. In fact, it was a little strange to hear how much we are alike. This caught me off-guard because I had always thought that I wouldn’t like someone who was like me. But, so far so good! I’m actually surprised that Jasmine never mentioned how similar Bre and I are… *shakes fist*

Anyhow, she’s in K-W for school (at Conestoga) and has been suffering without phone, Internet, and cable. I figured that it’d be a good idea to chill so we both avoided the risk of being needlessly bored. So she came up here and we spent a good amount of time talking and learning more about each other. The decision to have introduced myself at the reception is looking better and better (and I told her as much when she left). How randomly awesome.

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  1. Tony Says:

    Do you want to come out for dinner at Ellison’s Bistro with Laura, Miriam, Gaelan, Lynn & me tonight? If so, please email me. We’re meeting up in Sunken at 5:15 today to leave.

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