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On Chivalry

Posted on September 18th, 2005

I was speaking to Rebakah, a friend of mine from St. Paul’s way back in the day, the other day when I was working at the college. We somehow got onto the topic of relationships and we were talking about why she thought that her long-time boyfriend, Vince, was perfect for her.

She said that it was not because she and Vince never had to make any compromises; I’m sure that they have gone through their share of rough spots. She did say, however, that his personality and the things that he does makes the difference. Rebekah went on to describe her friends who find lists of characterisics a good boyfriend needs to have (probably in one of those teeny, girly magazines) and they say that Vince has them all. I have a feeling that it’s the little things that really count; for example, opening the door (of a room, building, car, whatever) for the lady.

So it comes down to the chivalry that a guy exhibits. I think that this trait is one of the distinctions between the sicko, horn-dog guys that we all see everyday and the gentlemen of our society. After all, a man’s actions is a reflection of his personality and, if he acts like a sicko horn-dog, he probably is one. Similarly, if he treats people with respect and dignity (i.e. with chivalry), then he’s probably a gentlemen. Or a sicko, horn-dog guy that can act.

Now, while I haven’t been barking at girls that I think are attractive or anything of that sort, I haven’t been acting with as much chivalry as I think I should. So I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to kick it up a notch or two.

Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “On Chivalry”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Way to go Justin….
    The world could use an non-horndog guy every once and awhile…Or someone who hides it really well:)

  2. ytsirk Says:

    i find it uncomfortable when i guy makes the weirdo effort to open doors…
    i’m not a dog… nor am i weak.. think i can figure it out for myself..
    i dunno.. blah!!
    i am only a half hearted feminist…

  3. Justin Says:

    Well, then, I’ll be sure to not open the door for you 😛

  4. ytsirk Says:

    i would appreciate that very much..
    thank you

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