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Fond Memories

Posted on January 15th, 2006

I was cleaning out one of my folders and stuff from the Panorama trip fell out as I picked it up. All of a sudden, a wave of memories flooding my brain and I just had to recall some of them here:

– watching Derek eat butter with a side of french toast
– conquering Satan (a.k.a. Stumbuck’s, a black diamond with over a foot of powder) on the first day
– conquering Anti-Christ (a.k.a. Trigger and Last Chance, a double black with over a foot of powder)
– conquering Lucifer (a.k.a. Heli High, a double black with over a foot of powder, trees of all sorts (live, bare, fallen)) and destroying my ‘board on it. Dan was so pissed off at this run that he walked a good part of it down!!
– the New Year’s Eve fiasco
– hot tubbing it outside, meeting lots of random people
– dying in the sauna
– a giant fart war with Keith
– watching Dan slide backwards for 50+ metres before coming to a stop
– watching Keith slide backwards in thick powder

Good times 😀

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