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Election Thoughts

Posted on January 23rd, 2006

I refrained from making any posts about the election until it was over; while it is sometimes good to have my opinions valued and whatnot, I felt that the decision to vote should be made independently. So I didn’t want to rattle anyone else’s cage.

It seems that Canadians have elected another minority government, but the new prime minister is about as charismatic as a dead sloth. (A live sloth isn’t particularly charismatic, either… death is just insult to injury, I guess.) If Peter MacKay was the leader, I think my opinion of a Conservative government would be radically different.

Overall, I guess I’m pretty happy with the results. The Conservatives do have a pretty solid platform, but they won’t have complete control of parliament to do whatever they want. That said, an alliance with the Bloc would ensure that they get a lot of what they want. (I think it’s in the Bloc’s best interest to keep the government afloat as long as possible; their levels of support have already declined and probably won’t be this high for a while.) So there is some degree of stability in the government, despite it being a minority.

Economically, I am looking forward to the GST cut. While a majority government would have likely strengthened our dollar, I think that we will be in fairly good shape after it’s all said and done. I just hope that the Conservatives will run a balanced budget and agree to commit more of the GDP to foreign aid.

Gosh, I wish it was MacKay.

2 Responses to “Election Thoughts”

  1. Tony Says:

    So are they going to use the budget surpluses to eliminate the GST instead of paying down the debt?

  2. Justin Says:

    I’m actually not too sure… it would make sense to use some of it, I suppose. That said, I really hope that they continue to pay down the debt, as well.

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