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Terrible Guilt

Posted on April 14th, 2006

I came home last night (for the second weekend in a row!) and I was essentially alone in the apartment for a good long while; Dad went off somewhere and Grandma was sleeping. Then it hit me.

I’ve been trying to fight off the urge for a long while, but the allure of it was surprisingly tempting. Its “rewards” were only short-lived; it would not have been long after that I would have felt terrible about it.

I tried to fight again. But it was relentless last night. It was so convenient… it always is. Besides, nobody would really know. Usually I’m pretty strong-willed about this, but I caved. Yep, I gave in to my wanton desires.

I ate McDonald’s. 🙁

2 Responses to “Terrible Guilt”

  1. Smiley Dan Says:

    I take it you didn’t get a salad and an orange juice?

  2. Tony Says:

    Ick. I never have the urge to eat there!

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