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Imbecile Insects

Posted on July 8th, 2006

I’m not pleased right now. This morning, I biked to school so that I could buy my ticket to Toronto and catch the bus. On the way, I had a bit of an accident: I hit a striped insect head-on. I don’t know if it was a bee or a wasp or a hornet or whatever, but the bugger somehow managed to get into my shirt. I must have given the sucker a bit of a concussion, but I didn’t make it scotch-free: the little turd stung me!

I think that this is the first time that I have ever been stung, and it was right in the middle of my chest. So I felt it every time I breathed. Fortunately, my superhuman immune system dealt with the sting within an hour or so, but still. I don’t know what ever happened to the assaulter, but anywhere except where I am is good enough for me.

And let me tell you about flies. It’s funny that Breanna just made a post about flies on her blog, too, but it seems that her bad luck seems to have transferred to me. I have at least three flies in my room, all buzzing around when I try to sleep. What’s worse is that they tend to do it over my head, since that’s where the largest window in the room is.

It seems that these guys like 24, too; when I watch at night, they tend to land on my screen. Repeatedly. Yeah, that’s just a tiny bit very annoying. I wish that I could unleash an army of spiders to take care of these dumb flies. But then I’d have cobwebs and an army of spiders in my room.

I see no good coming out of this situation.

One Response to “Imbecile Insects”

  1. John Says:

    Those flies just want to be awesome like Jack Bauer!

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