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Posted on August 3rd, 2006

This post is going to be pretty random. I’m kinda scatterbrain and this entry will reflect that.

First order of business: handle jalapeno peppers with great caution!!! I was cutting and seeding a bunch of them this afternoon and their crazy hotness got all over my hands, which then got to my face. It was an intense burning not too different from eating really spicy wings. Except that it lasted a long time and seemed to have gotten more intense over time. So be careful!

Second order of business: I can’t believe how much it has been raining! I’m certainly not all unhappy about it since it provides some much-needed relief from the humidity but the timing could have been a little better; I got dumped on just as I was about to head to lunch and just as I was heading out to study.

Third order of business: I have decided to venture into new territory with my computer. But, in order to do it effectively, I will need to get an acoustic guitar of my own. One with a sweet pickup system. Maybe I can do this when I’m down in the States. 😀

Fourth order of business: Be careful with jalapenos! HOLY!!

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