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Hello From T-Dot!

Posted on August 15th, 2006

Well I’ve finally arrived (for good) this afternoon and it seems like I have moved from one mess (my old room in boxes) to another mess (my current room in boxes). I’m totally unmotivated to unpack since I know that I’ll be packing up again in less than a week. Sigh.

So, rather than doing productive stuff, I’ll write stuff here! Now that I am back in Toronto, it really feels that the term is over. And what a wild ride! Marks are starting to come out and the three that I have right now are (according to my expectations) kinda mixed; two are great and one was surprisingly lower than what I thought I would get. It’s not my style to go and make a fuss about it to the prof, but I am really displeased about what the mark meant about my performance on the final… so maybe I’ll shoot him… an email.

Looking back, there were a bunch of people that made this term really great for me. In no particular order, they are as follows:

  • John! Cooking and frequent lunch buddy, he made living far away from lots of people much more bearable. He also introduced me to 24 (which will proceed to own a great deal of my life henceforward).
  • Donna! Classmates for CS432 and STAT371, she let me into her group (and, consequently, saved me from the risk of ending up in a horrible group) for the big CS project and we totally smoked it! She was also a huge asset for other coursework as we double-checked assignments with each other and helped each other with exam prep.
  • Dom! He really allowed me to see new perspectives of Christianity and the church. Through the book discussion, the co-ordinators’ meetings, and just the casual meetings, he’s opened up my eyes and my mind about the Embassy, the mission of the church, and ministry.
  • Bre! I’m just starting to hang out with her again (summers are really nice for that) and I’m really glad that things have been working themselves out (despite mutual indecisiveness)!
  • Kat! I was half-expecting to not really see or talk to her all that much after we both moved out of Willow Wood, but that turned out to be a poor assumption; we’ve had plenty of service and chillin time this summer. She’s also doing some monkey work on my behalf in Waterloo, so I owe her huge!
  • Sandy! She’s the one that offered me as position at Bloomberg and, with that decision, she totally flipped my expectations for the fall upside-down! I hope to make her proud next term.

And, speaking of next term, I am getting sooo pumped!

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