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The Colours Just Weren’t Quite Right

Posted on December 20th, 2006

Two more days of work. By this time on Saturday, I’ll be back in Canada (again)! Hooray!

And also, not hooray. There is something really special about this place, and I’m definitely going to have to consider the option of coming back here in the summer. People at work frequently ask if I’ll be there for another internship and they always seem a little disappointed when I shrug for an answer. Don’t get me wrong, Bloomberg is a most excellent place to work… it’s just that I’m not sure if it’s right for next summer. Fortunately, I have some time to make this decision!

But, more importantly, hooray! I’m most certainly looking forward to being back in Ontario so that I can spend some time with friends and family. There promises to be good food, good times, and good memories! And next term shall be excellent; there will be BBQs, 24, and so many of the people that I have dearly missed for the past four months!! I can’t waiiiiiiit!!!!!!!

One Response to “The Colours Just Weren’t Quite Right”

  1. hann Says:

    Justin, friend, it was SOOO good to see you on Monday. I wished you could have been at the afterparty as well but I guess ny flights don’t wait eh?!
    It was good to share such a special night knowing you were able to join in!

    love you kid,

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