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Goodbyes to Yesterdays

Posted on December 23rd, 2006

Dear New York,

We had some wicked memories, huh? Over these past four months (which have gone by so quickly), we’ve done so much together! From shows on Broadway to tapings of Conan O’Brien to major league games to concerts, you sure knew how to keep me entertained! I wish that some of my friends would meet you; perhaps I’ll introduce them to you one day… it’ll be awesome, I promise.

But, like any short, tumultuous relationship, you were cruel at times too. Sometimes you’d make me feel lost and at other times you’d make me feel lonely. And, on more than one occasion, I really disliked spending time with you. But as long as we’re honest about it, I think we’ll be good in the long run. Right?

Anyhow, it is on a bittersweet note that I will say goodbye to you; I will miss you (and, evidently, you’ll miss me too — I saw you crying last night), but rest assured that I’ll be back to hang out again. Take care of yourself until then!



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