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Joel, the Vegetarian: A Carnivore’s Perspective

Posted on August 25th, 2007

[13:14] Justin: But what do I make for Joel?
[13:14] Justin: lol
[13:15] Justin: I should just give him a head of lettuce
[13:15] John Stewart: lol
[13:15] Justin: Teach him that vegetarianism doesn’t work
[13:15] John Stewart: make something with beets!
[13:15] Justin: Hahahaha
[13:15] Justin: Oh!
[13:15] Justin: In a magazine that I read
[13:15] Justin: Top chefs in NY were asked a bunch of different questions
[13:16] Justin: Here’s one that I really liked
[13:16] Justin: Q: What do you think of vegetarians?
[13:17] Justin: A: Besides the one toque who said, “I like to eat them,” the chefs responded mostly with a mixture of confusion, sadness, pity, and a tiny bit of love. “Who am I to judge?” asked one. “They’re in denial of evolution,” said another.
[13:17] John Stewart: I like to eat them? hahaha
[13:18] Justin: I told Joel that he is in denial of evolution yesterday
[13:18] Justin: He wasn’t happy
[13:18] Justin: lol
[13:18] Justin: He was pining for calamari, too
[13:18] Justin: It was awesome
[13:18] John Stewart: Mmmmm!
[13:18] Justin: Remember when he was at Morty’s with us one time?
[13:18] Justin: And he was going on and on about the wings
[13:18] Justin: And how tempting they were? 😮
[13:19] John Stewart: They *are* tempting
[13:19] Justin: Indeed
[13:19] Justin: And delicious
[13:19] John Stewart: oh man
[13:19] John Stewart: We should get Joel to eat a rib
[13:19] John Stewart: just so he can experience it
[13:20] Justin: I had ribs yesterday
[13:20] Justin: And he was beside me
[13:20] Justin: He was going nuts too
[13:20] John Stewart: what a maniac
[13:20] Justin: I know
[13:20] Justin: He looked so distraught, eating his mixed greens
[13:20] Justin: What a noob factory
[13:20] John Stewart: that could have just been the malnutrition
[13:21] Justin: lol
[13:21] Justin: True
[13:23] Justin: This is getting posted
[13:23] Justin: I love picking on Joel
[13:23] John Stewart: haha
[13:23] John Stewart: me too
[13:23] John Stewart: poor guy
[13:23] John Stewart: he has the worst friends a vegetarian could ever have

We love you, Joel 🙂

2 Responses to “Joel, the Vegetarian: A Carnivore’s Perspective”

  1. The Magnificent H Says:

    Chan, I distinctly remember you being a vegetarian for QUITE some time.
    I also remember not being that mean to you then…

    …that being said, that was the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. Well done.

  2. abid Says:

    “Joel has the worst friends a vegetarian could have”
    classic john

    Just checked out your blog after 7 months or so. It looks neat and I hope that you’re having
    a great time where ever you are! I’ll see you soon I hope!

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