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25 Random Things

Posted on February 7th, 2009

This seems to have been all the rage on Facebook so, having been tagged, I feel like making 25 other people do it, too. (Readers will have to join the 21st century and get on Facebook to see who was tagged though.)

Rules: Once you have been tagged, write a note with 25 random things (for example: facts, habits, or goals) about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You must tag the person who tagged you.
If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

My 25 Things

1. I absolutely love food. This is great because I can enjoy it several times each day and can be done without spending too much money. That said, I also love indulging every once in a while by going to some of the finer establishments (and New York is brilliant for that). Favourites include (but are not limited to) a great steak (cooked rare to medium-rare), ribs (preferably slow-cooked over indirect heat), and sashimi (salmon, white tuna, and red tuna).

2. I am extremely competitive. Even when there is nothing to win or no visible gain from being competitive, I will find a reason to do it. I feel that I often walk a fine line by doing this; while it is great to be successful, sometimes this competitive nature can be alienating.

3. For years as a young adult, I did not wear jeans. This started sometime during high school and lasted until my second year in university. I can’t really think of any good reason as to why I might have done this. It may very well have been inadvertent as I replaced my trousers with varieties that I already had.

4. While in this no-jeans phase, I also had a disproportionate amount of dark and baggy clothes in my wardrobe. This probably made me look like a little kid (as if my genes needed any help) and, in retrospect, was really weird for me.

5. Cleanliness is critical. I cannot stand messiness and I make a point to clean up after myself wherever I go. Sometimes, I get really in a groove and clean up EVERYTHING. Along the same lines, I get irritated when other people leave messes behind. It’s fine if they do it in their own private spaces, but it’s a matter of courtesy and respect to keep common spaces tidy. (Living in residence was a character-building exercise in tolerance but I still cling to neatness.)

6. I believe in quality. Even though it may come at a premium, I feel that it is usually a worthwhile investment for a better ownership experience. This is especially true for things that I expect to last a long time (like computers, luggage, and instruments). Now that I have a good job, I feel that I am able to extend this to items with shorter lifetimes (like clothing).

7. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people. For some reason, if people are not immediately accessible (e.g. in the same city as I am), my communications with them tapers off in a rather tragic fashion. If only everyone used Google talk…

8. I’m a sucker for some emo music. Like Copeland. Maybe I’m just a hopeless/helpless romantic.

9. I love cooking. A well-equipped kitchen is a sure way to my heart, and living in New York is really depriving me of this joy. Some of my favourite things to cook include (but are not limited to) steak (to rare or medium-rare) and ribs (slow-cooked over indirect heat). (Notice a pattern? If sashimi was cooked, that would be on here, too.)

10. I don’t feel like I am really good at anything. While I’m pretty good at a bunch of things, I can’t really pinpoint anything at which I particularly excel.

11. I am allergic to cats. That aside, I don’t particularly like cats since they are too selfish and jaded for my liking. But the allergies don’t help their case.

12. People often liken me to being non-Asian. Maybe it is because of my demeanour or my taste in women. Nevertheless, I am still good at maths and played piano as a child.

13. Top travel destinations include the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, Eastern Europe (Sweden and the Baltics, especially), the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and South Africa.

14. My max (working) bench is around a 170. Go me?

15. If I met someone like me, I don’t think that I’d be friends with him.

16. I own an Apple iPhone and I wish that I had a BlackBerry again. The iPhone is great for media and web browsing, but basically rubbish at everything else. (Notice how being a phone was not included in the list of things at which it is good?) The UI is cool but apps are unstable and nerfed; Apple really needs to get on the background processes thing that they promised for last September.

17. I do not tolerate incompetence.

18. I have kept up a website for nearly 7 years!

19. I have an unusually high tolerance for alcohol. Back in my “prime”, I had what amounted to 15 or so beers in a night and felt full more than anything else. (The caloric intake that night was shocking and I will never consume that much again.)

20. I am a Christian, but I am struggling to find a good Christian community in New York (and, truthfully, have begun to give up).

21. In the winter, I love to go snowboarding. The last time I went snowboarding was in the Alps and I somehow managed to sprain my ankle, despite having the lower part of my legs held in place in my boots. I also destroyed my glasses in what I assume to have been a spectacular wipeout. (So a word of caution: if you see snow-making machines, they’re probably trying to make snow. This means that there is probably either exposed patches or ice and the correct decision is to snowboard with caution, not to attempt to speed through the snow-making area.) Needless to say, I will be wearing a helmet next time.

22. While on the topic of accidents, I once cracked my head open on a marble coffee table while jumping up and down on a nearby couch. We still have that table and I still have that scar on my forehead.

23. I am currently studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst course.

24. I love being in control. Conversely, I don’t like being dependent on other people. After a rather sudden event when I was eleven, I have learned to be very independent and self-sufficient. Along those same lines, I have also developed a tendency to be very guarded with my thoughts and emotions. Those who manage to find their way past my walls, however, get nearly full disclosure. (There have been very few who have made it to that point, though.)

25. People say that I am a good listener. (This is good because I don’t really like talking about myself so I should be proficient at letting other people talk about themselves!)

2 Responses to “25 Random Things”

  1. MatthewKD Says:

    6. me too
    14. woah! i knew you were hiding something under your shirt. muscles!

  2. Justin Chan Says:

    Haha not really. Maybe in a few months 🙂

    Also, your website link is busted; you should just use your Facebook login instead!!

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