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Airborne Uncertainties

Posted on June 4th, 2009

I’m on board a flight from New York to Toronto for another round of recruiting. Earlier today, a recent project of mine was subject to a post-implementation review, a process that assesses the specification, management, execution, and delivery of the work.

Even though I was not the project manager, I was invited to participate and was heavily involved in the preparations for my team. With a (relatively) pristine record and obvious ambition, I am really hoping that this is part of a larger process towards management.

I make no secret of my desire to move more into product development, but I have recently started to wonder if that is the end goal of my career or just an intermediate stop; many of my colleagues have comfortably settled in that kind of role.

Traveling with Bloomberg has always been a joy for me, but I have heard time and time again about how tiring it can get. This would be especially true if I ever started a family. What would I do if I wanted to stop traveling? A client-facing business manager that doesn’t visit clients is kind of rubbish, right?

And then there is the matter of some of my dreams. For example, I really want to open a restaurant one day (and cook for it). That involves going to culinary school and gaining experience in restaurants. New York is amazing for both of those, but the restaurant industry is wrought with challenges and failures here.

If this is a dream that I really want to pursue, what am I waiting for? Having more experience at Bloomberg isn’t going to help me make a better risoto. But I absolutely love my job. I work with great people, work on important projects, represent a fantastic company, enjoy great perks and job security, and have an upwards trajectory for as far as I can foresee.

Do I throw it all away just to take a stab at something that, statistically speaking, probably will not last more than a year?Prudence screams no. My bank account, if it could speak, would agree. But my sense of curiosity is not satisfied with that. My stomach often grumbles in agreement with that, too.

One thing is for certain: I definitely don’t enjoy making huge decisions.

One Response to “Airborne Uncertainties”

  1. kat Says:

    If you don’t try your dream out while you can (a.k.a single, no family), will you look back and regret it? Even if it is short-lived?

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