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From the exhausted, scattered mind of me

Posted on February 27th, 2003

Well it’s over. I got the three remaining midterms back today with mixed results. Computer Science was pleasant, Logic & Computation was acceptable, and Electricity &Magnetism was a great surprise: I passed! Now let us never speak of it again.

But the fun was not to begin until after classes; I had the majority of an Logic & Computation assignment to do, along with an Electricity & Magnetism prelab. Needless to say, the assignment has taken me forever. I spent the past couple of days on it, and put forth another 6 hour effort today to get it finished. Ugh. I did my half of the prelab in about an hour, and now I’m about ready to call it a day.

Before I do, though, I want to apologize to anyone whom I may have offended. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been under a lot of stress, I’ve been worrying about a number of issues, and my mind has been trying to handle a lot of different things at the same time. Some might say I was “crusty”, while others considered my behaviour “contemplative.” Either way, if I was a bum towards you, I’m sorry. I do have my bad days. And bad weeks. Thankfully, this one is nearly over!

God be with you.

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