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Silly me

Posted on March 8th, 2003

I just read some more of Life of Pi… nothing particularly interesting happened. I was really looking forward to it, too. It was something I wish I could have been doing instead of being a loser at the coffee house. But, that, too, let me down. I can only hope that the remaining 150 pages or so will be more compelling. I really need to read something good. Silly me… my life is so boring.

About the whole coffee house business, I can’t blame anyone but myself for the mess. It was me, after all, that asked if Erica was still going. It was me who decided to stray away when my evening became unexpectedly vacant. It was me who thought that I would have a good time taking in good music with friends around me. Silly me… what was I thinking?

Would I like some cheese with my whine? Yeah, I do. People say I complain incessantly. If I weren’t me, I’d be pretty annoyed by me, too. Silly me… I disgust myself sometimes.

And what’s the deal with me wanting blue hair? This sudden impulse doesn’t make much sense to me. I get weird looks from anyone I tell, with the occasional “Oh.. cool.” Is that all I’m trying to be? Cool? Silly me… I can be so irrational.

Now I wonder what to do. Should I read? Should I pray? Should I play piano? Should I sit here aimlessly? Should I go for another figure-everything-out walk? Should I sleep? Should I wander the college? Should I do homework? Should I give up? Should I continue to write nonsense into this entry? No… Silly me… leave you poor readers alone.

God.. please.. save me from myself.

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