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Let It Snow…

Posted on March 9th, 2005

So I take a quick peek outside, and I see a blanket of snow. And it’s not the little fellas, either… it’s the big honkers. My first reaction was to be really happy; I really love snow, and it’s awesome that it was coming down so heavily. But then I remembered that I had to head up to Conestoga Mall tomorrow, and that made it less exciting.

What is exciting, however, is the prospect of moving out of St. Paul’s! While there is a lot that keeps me to this place, I’ve been feeling driven to move out. For an increasing number of reasons, I have been less impressed with this place, and I think it’s now time to put it behind me.

The allure of being able to cook whatever I want and whenever I want is too great to pass up. Being free from the troubles of drunken residents, the burden of enormous (and increasing!) residence fees, and the griefs of residence politics is looking ever attractive.

Thankfully, I have found an awesome place for the summer (and beyond)! It’s a little far from campus, but it’s on a bus route and fairly close to groceries. The place is really, really nice, and it’s well furnished. It’s pretty cheap, and close to the Embassy office. The landlord seems like a really nice guy, and I know that at least one roommate is cool! Kat might end up there in the fall, and that will be buckets of fun, too!

Oh man!!!!!

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