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Woe to Walking!

Posted on March 9th, 2005

Aaahhhh!! My legs feel like they’re falling off right about now! Today, I must have spent the better part of two hours walking around… granted, it’s good because I probably worked off the slices of pizza that I had last night, and I now know that my boots are crazy awesome because my feet didn’t hurt (too much). But still.

I planned to go to Conestoga Mall today and I found a ride there. I walk around from store to store for a while, but nothing really stood out to me. So I figured that I should look around on King Street for a while. I also figured that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to spend a ticket to take the bus for all of a few minutes. So, I essentially walk from Conestoga to University Avenue, making a few stops along the way. Then from Laurier back to St. Paul’s. I catch dinner, print off some slides for class, then back to Laurier. Then back home. Ugh. I die.

So right about now, I’d really appreciate it if someone could hook me up with a car and cover my insurance for a few years…

… anyone…?

… hello?

One Response to “Woe to Walking!”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    woah dude – that’s a lot of walking! You’re even more hardcore than me! You have gained my respect. (Not that you didn’t already have it.) 🙂

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