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Shoulders Back

Posted on June 20th, 2007

I have been going to the gym between three and five times a week since I arrived in New York (note: not all of them were for weight training; I boulder some of those days… I’m not THAT crazy!) and I have been seeing some results. Part of this is due to a very conscious effort to watch what I’m eating and drinking. The goal is to have that ever-elusive six-pack and some good muscle definition by the end of the summer. While it may be kind of cool to really bulk up, I don’t think that my body is capable of it and, well, it is also the tiniest bit impractical.

In an effort to kick this routine into high gear, I have enlisted the help of one of the personal trainers at the gym. I knew that I did not have the best form or technique when I am doing some of the exercises (particularly with the upper body ones), and it would be inefficient to continue with that all summer long. Sure, I might get the same results, but I think that I lower the chances of getting hurt and increase the rate of development this way.

Man, I can’t wait to be a lean, mean climbing machine!!

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