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Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Posted on February 14th, 2009

I went into work today to escape the distractions (and mess) that exist in the apartment. The agenda was clear: study productively for the CFA and finish roughly 10% of the curriculum this long weekend.

On the way to and from work, I walked rather briskly through the crowded streets and concentrated mostly on the content of my studies. For a few minutes, though, a wave of cynicism crashed into the shores of my brain. This was followed by a wave of rationalization. What resulted was a set of thoughts regarding the day that fits in between yesterday and tomorrow:

1. Hearts will be mended today.
2. Hearts will be broken today.
3. Gifts of all varieties will be exchanged today.
4. Lies of all varieties will be exchanged today.
5. Relationships will be created or strengthened today.
6. Relationships will end today.
7. People will rush madly to their destinations so as to not disappoint those who await them today.
8. Others will not show up at their destinations today.
9. Today is just like any other day.
10. Today is a day where people feel obliged to make something out of it.

Soon enough, today will fade into yesterday and tomorrow will be the most important day of your life.

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