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The Fashion Police Cometh

Posted on March 15th, 2009

Ah spring. The ides of March means that spring is but a few days away and, with it, new life and new colours are going to lay their claim on the world. Allergy-inducing flowers will be in full bloom and I will probably be miserable because of it.

My hope is, however, that I won’t look miserable at the same time. In addition to (finally) getting some good results at the gym, I have begun what will likely be a massive refresh of my wardrobe. Before I started my full-time job, I kept telling myself that I really should work on updating and improving my clothes. I kept putting it off because of a rather discouraging financial situation (helped largely by a two-week trip to Europe).

But, now that I have a few bucks in the bank account, I have started to make good on that promise that I made to myself. It has been years since I have shed myself of a miserable and embarrassing fashion sense (outlined briefly here) but there is a good distance to cover yet.

First on the chopping block: dress clothes. Especially dress shirts. Not only are they fitting worse and worse (even the “slim fit” ones are starting to be inadequate), but colours are fading due to regular dry cleaning. I sifted through my closet and found a bunch of shirts that I haven’t worn in over a year (and likely would never wear again). I shall bid them a not-so-fond farewell. Since my waistline hasn’t changed too much, older dress pants still fit, but they are starting to become a little frayed and are showing their age. They, too, will see their last days with me soon.

With a relatively large exodus of clothes from my closet, a void needs to be filled. In a few weeks’ time, I will get my first new set of dress shirts. I already picked them out and it’s just a matter of ensuring that they fit well. New textures and new colours (hello, purple!) will breathe new life into a predominantly dark set of dress clothes.

I hear the sirens off in the distance. Old, junky clothes: your days of hiding in my closet are numbered.

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