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Party On, Wayne!

Posted on April 29th, 2005

Good times, good times. Oh how I love not being in school right now!

Yesterday, Ms. Larion came over and hung out for a little while. It had been a silly long time since I saw her last, so it was really cool to hang out with her again. She watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time and, well, I don’t know if she liked it. I know that it’s a stupid kind of movie, but that appeals to a lot of people (like me!)… Lyndsay (my soon-to-be-former housemate) said that it’s a guy thing. Whatever.. I know plenty of girls who liked the movie. So unless there’s something that all of them aren’t telling me……

After I made supper and cleaned up, Ms. Larion went home before it got too late. Her volunteering kept her from going to Cambridge with me and a few other people (Cynthia, Laura, Matt, Sarah, Sarah’s friend whose name I never caught, and a ton of people from the Embassy – Sarah, Ben, Steve, Josh, Adam, Adam’s friend whose name I now forget, Natasha, Hannah, Hannah’s two friends whose names I never caught). Wow that’s a lot of people! Some people, however, were sorely missed. We went to see Shaker, Rob’s new band, and they were very awesome!! They were opening up for Boy and, truth be told, I think that they outperformed. I was promised a drum solo (by Rob), but I think his we’re-an-opener-not-the-headliner attitude stopped him 🙁 Maybe next time.

I pretty much fell asleep instantly when we got home, and I only woke up a little while ago. I’m off to Toronto for a couple of days, so I think I should start getting ready for that. Ciao!

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