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Love all around!

Posted on June 15th, 2008

What a great weekend! The best part of the weekend was being able to spend a lot of quality time with friends. The second best part of the weekend was being able to spend a lot of quality time with friends IN CANADA!

After 4 months of being away (hey, it’s like another co-op term!), I made a lighting fast trip back to attend convocation (yep, I now have a piece of paper that says I can do stuff) and to attend Laura and Matthew’s wedding. Both events were great for catching up with people that I haven’t seen in a good long time and may not see again for some six or seven months (or more). Hats off to John’s mom for twisting his arm enough to go to convocation! Convocation would have been a zillion times more awful without R34V.

That was Friday. On Saturday, I caught a ride up with Keith and Cristina to the Kawarthas, where Laura and Matt planned a gorgeous lakeside wedding. I had the honour of being a part of the ceremony as I played with two super-talented musicians (Sarah and Byron for any of you who are wondering) for the procession and signing part. It was incredible to see so many friendly and familiar places from St. Paul’s and The Embassy and it reminded me of how good I had it in Waterloo. I miss Canada so much!

Much love to Laura and Matt Kent-Davidson (or was it Davidson-Kent?)! Thanks for having me be a part of your life and of this milestone event. You have all of my best wishes for your wonderful life together!!

And kudos to all of the fathers out there; Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. laura Says:

    much love right back at you! it was sooo wonderful to have you there!!!

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