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Potpourri of Thoughts

Posted on July 12th, 2008

On Money Matters…

In an economy where companies are tightening their belts and the financial industry is facing huge losses, Bloomberg went totally against the tide and announced that they were going to pay employees more and established a new long-term incentive plan that promises even more! (The New York Times has an article here with mostly accurate information.) Now is an exceptionally good time to be a part of Bloomberg and I am certainly counting my stars that I am fortunate enough to be in my position. Go PLAN!

On a less personal note, I felt mildly vindicated when Apple decided to not release the iPhone in its Canadian stores. The rationale behind the decision was that Rogers (but more aptly known as Robbers) wanted to charge far too much for their plans (which Apple thought offered far too little). Ha! Take that, jerks! Down with Robbers!

On Consolidation…

As of this morning, I am starting to consolidate my email. My latest tally has me with 13 emails, 5 being used on a daily basis. The important ones are now being handled through my primary Gmail account, although I am still using Outlook to manage the synchronization with my BlackBerry. I, however, would love to find a solution for that last bit; I’d like to get rid of Outlook altogether. There are, however, some problems. First, I can’t upload my archived emails from Outlook to Gmail, so I won’t be able to have one consolidated source of all of my emails. Second, I cannot synchronize my BlackBerry contacts with the Gmail contacts. Third, Gmail has no notion of tasks or notes (which I use quite frequently on my phone).

Will Android be my answer? I really, really hope so! Or maybe someone (ahem, Keith) will develop what I need for my phone? Or maybe I should be a chump and get an iPhone? HMMMM!

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